January 28, 2015

I just returned from a Celebration of Life service
(funeral) at my church for one of our members.

Anecdotes from her (Isobel's) life were related
by family and friends.

One anecdote both saddened, but also uplifted
me and I'm going to share it here.

Isobel came across a road where a colony of snails
was making its way across, en masse.  Naturally,
there was carnage everywhere as this was a relatively
busy road.

Isobel watched with interest as she noticed one
snail, right at the road centreline, slowly circling
another snail which had been crushed.

Isobel moved the little one to the side of the road.

The snail immediately returned to the mate it had
been circling, and continued to circle the mate in
the middle of the road.

Isobel retrieved the dear creature to the side of the
road SIX times, and every time, it returned to its
mate.  Before the snail could reach its mate for the
seventh time, this loyal creature was itself run over.

I have spent my retirement observing and inter-
acting with all manner of wildlife, and what this
has taught me is that animals participate in life
and have feelings *exactly* as we do.

One example of crows' caring and their family ties can
be found in my essay on them, on pages 13-14:

Isobel's story also strongly supports and inspires one
of my retirement activities, earthworm rescue.  My
interactions with earthworms in all sorts of settings
has convinced me they are every bit as aware they are
living, sentient beings as we are.

They deserve, in my opinion, all the compassion we give
mammals in trouble.

Here is my essay on that work, which makes me doubly
grateful for Isobel's snail story:

(I do rescue a variety of other small creatures too,
including snails in danger.)

Enjoy your new life in Heaven, Isobel, and thanks for
being who you are!

Eleanor Weiss